Glyph of Sapping

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Glyph of Sapping
Character Points: 14
Magic Points: 14
Glyph Spell
Known Variant Names

  • Duration of 2.5 hours
  • Affected morality loses 1 MP per action

Glyph of Sapping is a Glyph Spell.

This spell grants the spellcaster the ability to cast a "Glyph of Sapping vs. Morality" with the morality being one of Good, Neutral or Evil. Characters with that morality lose 1 Magic Point (if they have any) each time they spend Action Points or pick up an item. This does not affect Speech, even if the character used Action Points instead of Speech Points. Actions that use multiple AP (e.g. crafting, repairing, etc) will only trigger the glyph once.

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