Glyph of Protection

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Glyph of Protection
Character Points: 20
Magic Points: 20
Glyph Spell
Known Variant Names
Greater Ward vs. Evil

  • Duration of 2.5 hours
  • Affected morality may not enter the area

Glyph of Protection is a Glyph Spell.

This spell grants the spellcaster the ability to cast a "Glyph of Protection vs. Morality" with the morality being one of Good, Neutral or Evil. A Glyph of Protection created on the interior of a tile (e.g. inside an office building) will bar characters with that morality from entering the interior. Note that this will even affect characters that could otherwise seep through locked doors unhindered.

A Glyph of Protection created on the exterior of a tile (e.g. in an orchard, or outside a house) will bar characters with that morality from the exterior of that tile (exception: a character "inside" a building may step "outside" of a building even if a Glyph of Protection vs. their morality exists on the "outside" tile). Note that glyphs outside a building will not stop Void Walkers in neighboring buildings from simply walking through the wall to bypass such glyphs, a fact that has turned several "sanctuaries" into abattoirs.

Glyphs of Protection have no effect on entities that are already present - many a mage has scrawled arcane glyphs of protection on the bedroom door, only to be slain by the monster hiding under the bed...

Glyphs of Protection, like all other glyphs, have no effect on Pets per se. They can bar access to petmasters (and thus the pets escorting them), but not all pets have masters.

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