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Class CP Requires
Doom Howler 30 None
AP MP HP Duration
1 3 -

Grants the character the ability to Hover.

Ghostwalk grants the Doom Howler the ability to "Hover". It costs 1 Action Point and 3 Magic Points to activate. When activated the character gains the Hovering Status Effect.

For the purposes of movement and combat the Doom Howler is considered to be Flying. This is "Lesser" Flight unlike that granted by Wings. The skill still grants 1/2 AP movement costs, but this means that the Doom Howler may enter buildings while Hovering (but cannot start the effect while Hovering) and may be targeted freely by Pets

At each Game Tick, any character with the Hovering Status Effect loses 3 MP. If they cannot pay the MP cost, the character immediately lands.

Doom Howler Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Elite Attack || Ghost TendrilsSoul Draining || Ghostwalk || Gnashing of TeethDoomblight || Scream of the Banshee (free skill) → Wail of the DeadKeening of the Damned || Spectral ArmorPhasing || Summon Chain GremlinAncient Trickery || Wytchfire