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While Laurentia was served by an extensive public transportation network, most households in the city did own vehicles. The onset of self-driving cars that could be simply sent out to refuel themselves greatly reduced the number of fueling stations needed within the city, but some of those that remained continued to operate as retail outlets for on-the-go purchases.

Gas Station.gif You are standing outside of Gas Station. A broad canopy shelters a row of gas pumps and a few abandoned vehicles. The pumps are disabled, but the scent of petrol lingers in the air. The entrance to a small convenience store is covered with advertisements and flanked by newspaper dispensers.
You are standing inside of Gas Station. The store is packed with low aisles filled with simple automotive supplies and cheap, packaged food and beverages. The checkout booth is shielded with bulletproof glass and lined with mostly-empty racks of cigarettes.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 20
Hide % 10 5
Allows: Strongholds