Frozen Wastes

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Frozen Wastes are the most common terrain to be found in the blasted plane of Stygia. Nothing of value can be found in Frozen Wastes, but their forlorn isolation offers some security through obscurity for those willing to hide there.

You are standing outside of Frozen Wastes. The ground here is covered in a hard, icy snow, muddied and marred by inhuman footprints and splotches of blood and bile. The temperature is well below freezing. Out of the corner of your eye you seem to catch glimpses of naked wretches, shivering and blue, but when you look directly at them they disappear. The wind shrieks and howls about you.
Frozen Wastes have only an outside location.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 0
Hide % 30 0

Items found outside:
Item Name Find Weight
Femur 5
Skull 4
Rock 10