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A magical Freighter can be found moored in the Lake of Absolution, having apparently carried much of the equipment and staff of the nearby University in its hull. Its port of origin is unknown, and it appears to function on a combination of technology, magic and natural wind.

Colonialshipicon.gif You are standing outside of Freighter. This is a modern, gleaming steel ship, yet is clearly built to function as a tall-masted sailing vessel. The sails are furled as it stands at anchor.
You are standing inside of Freighter. The lower decks of the ship are clean and neat, with most equipment carefully stowed away. It has individual crew cabins, which are small, comfortable, and furnished in a wide variety of ways. The hold contains the shattered pieces of a grand white marble statue. As far as you can tell, it shows a winged angelic figure thrusting a hidden knife into some foe.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 10 25
Allows: Alchemy Strongholds