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Link: Foundation
Leaders: Serena Hasheen
Santa Muerte
Alignment: Unaligned
Policy: Open
Level: 5
Membership: 10
Focus: Raiding, free will

We are the Foundation of mankind, champions of the middle way that is tied to neither the strict codes of the angels nor the violent destruction embodied by the demons. Foundation contains a diverse collection of Transcended souls - often aligned to one of the Unaligned Elder Powers - who fight for a Nexus shaped by the ideal of free will. As the current breath draws to a close, we are pleased to see that our ethos has found victory, but we fight on to ensure a more human tomorrow.

We raid often and are always glad to have new members with us. Foundation allies all Unaligned factions that are willing to ally with us, and is at war with most militant angelic Good or demonic Evil factions.


We can be reached via our Discord server.