Fossil Monstrosity

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Fossil Monstrosity
Magic Points
Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
100 80 90
To Hit Defense
65% 10%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
Slashing, 15 Death, 11
Special Abilities

A Fossil Monstrosity is a Pet that is summoned by the Lich skill Create Fossil Monstrosity. A Lich must have at least three Skeletons already summoned in order to create the Monstrosity. Those three Skeletons will be used up in creation of the Fossil Monstrosity, and if more than three Skeletons are present in the location the ones to be used will be selected at random. A Lich may only have one Fossil Monstrosity at a time.

Fossil Monstrosities cost 0 MP to summon and 25 MP to Rejuvenate. They are not affected by Pet Decay.

The Fossil Monstrosity, like all pets summoned by the Lich, have Immunity to the Death damage type.