Fletcher Camp

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The Fletcher Camp can be found within the Redwood Forest of Xanadu in Elysium, and contains tools and supplies with which Archery-based combatants may equip themselves. It is possible to Harvest either Quivers of Arrows or Short Bows from a Fletcher Camp.

HuntersLodge.gif You are standing outside of Fletcher Camp. It appears at first to be a grove of trees, but upon closer examination they have been carefully tended over many years to form walls and a roof of latticed branches and vines. The building is made entirely of growing things save for a small stone chimney and a few windows of leaded glass.
You are standing inside of Fletcher Camp. It is roomy and brightly lit by dappled sunlight that trickles in through the walls and roof. The walls are lined with well-crafted bows and an eclectic range of hunting trophies, and the furnishings are grown from living trees and shrubs in a manner much like the building itself.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 35
Hide % 10 30