Fists of Holy Resolve

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Fists of Holy Resolve
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 60 Mask of Vengeance
  • +2 damage with Hand-to-Hand attacks.
Fists of Holy Resolve
AP MP HP Duration
1 - - 15 Status Ticks
  • Costs 8 Morality to activate.
  • +20% bonus to Hand-to-Hand attacks.
  • Character may spend (up to 5) HP with each Hand-to-Hand attack against non-pets to increase damage by double the HP spent.
  • Damage type is converted to Holy Damage provided they choose to take damage.

This skill grants the Redeemed a passive +2 bonus to damage with Hand-to-Hand attacks.
In addition, the Redeemed may activate the Fists of Holy Resolve Status Effect for 1 Action Point and 8 Morality. When activated, this effect lasts for 15 Status Ticks. While under this effect, the character:

  • Gains +20% to hit with Hand-to-Hand attacks.
  • Character may spend (up to 5) HP with each attack to increase Hand-to-Hand attack damage against non-pets by double the HP spent.
  • If they choose to take at least 1 point of damage, deals Holy damage with their attacks.
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