First Aid

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First Aid
Class CP Requires
Mortal 10 None
  • +5 to HP healed when using First Aid Kits or similar items

Allows the player to see other characters' exact health by moving their cursor over the subject's health bar. In addition they will see icons informing them if people are suffering from Defiler Poison or Sorcerer's Might, as well as the remaining duration of Sorcerer's Might if present. If they also have Sense Magic they can see if a target is unhealable due to Blood Curse.

Also increases the HP healed by First Aid Kits, Healing Herbs and Stygian Bone Leeches by 5, bringing the total to 10HP.

A character whose first skill is First Aid will spawn with 15 First Aid Kits to start with, but must find more afterward.

The Keyboard Shortcut "X" will trigger a healing action, if there are wounded people present and the logged-in character is able to heal.

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