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"Feral" is a common nickname among Nexus players for the gameplay strategy of playing the game without ever joining a Faction. Since Nexus Clash is a game of faction warfare, most tasks are easier within a faction, and as a result playing a consistently factionless character is considered by many players and the development team to be a self-imposed challenge or "hard mode".

It is strongly recommended that new players who are still learning the game join factions rather than attempting to play feral. For this reason the character creation interface will assign new characters to a Faction unless they specifically opt out.

Challenges of playing feral include:

  • Not having the protection of a Stronghold.
  • Not having access to a safe or footlocker. Feral characters must carry all of their items themselves.
  • Not having allies to heal them if wounded (for instance by Sorcerers Might) and similarly, not having access to experience from healing allies.
  • Unless they possess the relevant skills themselves, without factionmates it is difficult to obtain Enchanted items, though merchant factions exist that will trade with ferals.
  • Ferals do not have factionmates to repair their items and must do so themselves whenever their items suffer decay.
  • Alchemy is much more difficult without a Stronghold in which to craft potions or the ability to share components with allies.