Feeding Fangs

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Feeding Fangs
Class CP Requires
Revenant 30 None
Feeding Fangs
AP MP HP Other
1 - - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Hand-to-Hand 10%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Piercing 6 -
  • User gains HP equal to damage dealt. (Cannot go over maximum, capped at 3 HP per attack)
  • Recieves double damage from Acid Blood.
  • May get other benefits from the blood of powerful supernatural beings.

The Revenant gains an innate Hand-to-Hand attack, Feeding Fangs. This deals 6 Piercing damage and will restore an amount of Hit Points equal to the damage dealt to the target, to a maximum of 3 Hit Points per attack. The character cannot go over their normal Hit Point maximum through the use of this skill.

For example, a Revenant attacks a target with Feeding Fangs. They hit and deal 6 points of Piercing damage. The target has 4 soak versus Piercing attacks, so the Revenant gains 2 Hit Points. Since the Revenant was only 1 point down from their normal Hit Point maximum, the character gains only 1 Hit Point and the other point is discarded. Shadow of the Wolf's Bite attack does not benefit from Feeding Fangs.

A Revenant using Feeding Fangs on a Wyrm Master with Acid Blood will take twice the normal damage from the acid blood (up to 20 damage), before applying soak (including negative soak.)

Drinking the blood of other powerful supernatural beings with Feeding Fangs may have other effects on the Revenant, depending on what being's blood was consumed and other circumstances. These effects are many and diverse, and are listed below:

Known Feeding Fangs Effects
Status Effect Class Bitten Notes (MO or other requirements) Effect Description
Arcane Proficiency (5 min) Wizard No special requirements Grants the Revenant the ability to cast spells from spellgem, but not the ability to learn them.
Mystic Insight (5 min) Conduit No special requirements Grants the Revenant the ability to see enchantments on items in their inventory.
Bloodlust (10) Infernal Behemoth Non-Good MO Grants the Revenant the Bloodlust status effect for 10 ticks, gains +1 damage and +10% accuracy to all Hand-to-Hand and Melee attacks, and a +1 Soak to all.
Soul Devourer (5 min) Corruptor Must have a skill that grants MP on attack or damages enemy MP (Focused Attack, Soul Feeding or Umbral Sword) Attacks from the Revenant that grant MP or damage enemy MP now grant or damage twice the MP.
Exalted Fauna (10 min) Lightspeaker Must have Summon Bat Swarm skill and must be non-evil MO When the Revenant summons a Bat Swarm they will get the Exalted Bat Swarm variant.
Invisible (15 min) Void Walker 15% chance to trigger without Soul Feeding, 25% chance to trigger with Soul Feeding purchased. The Revenant is rendered Invisible and can attack with Hiding damage bonus. Effect is RNG-based and does not automatically repeat/stack.
Light Within (6) Redeemed Non-Evil MO, Redeemed has Good MO The Revenant cannot have Magic Points drained by others.
Illuminated (6) Redeemed Non-Good MO, Redeemed has Good MO Cannot hide while the effect lasts.
Panacea Advocate Non-Evil MO, Advocate must be 40 MO, Advocate must have no Angel-killing badges Cures any and all Demon-inflicted debuff Status Effects on the Revenant. Because you have drunk the blood of a pure and innocent being this comes with significant Morality loss. This does not grant a Status Effect.
Combat Intuition (6) Eternal Soldier No special requirements Increases the chance for a Critical Hit to 15%, or 20% with Improved Critical.
Abiding Wickedness (6) Fallen Non-Good MO, Fallen has Evil MO +2 damage vs Angels. Characters under the influence of Abiding Wickedness cannot gain Morality.
Harbinger of Death (10 min) Divine Herald Good MO, Divine Herald must be Level 30 Grants the Revenant the Harbinger of Death status effect for 10 minutes. Melee and Bow attacks deal Death damage, gain of 1 AP/5MP for every kill scored on an Evil character.
Champion of Attunement (6) Nexus Champion Neutral MO, Nexus Champion must have Neutral MO The Revenant gains bonus damage as if possessing the skill Tattoo of Balance.
Champion of Freedom (6) Nexus Champion Neutral MO, Nexus Champion must have Good MO The Revenant gains bonus damage as if possessing the skill Tattoo of Opposition.
Champion of Defiance (6) Nexus Champion Neutral MO, Nexus Champion must have Evil MO The Revenant gains bonus damage as if possessing the skill Tattoo of Opposition.
Invisible (60 min) Void Walker Must have Soul Feeding, the attack must be a killing blow The Revenant is rendered Invisible.
Reaper (6) Lich Lich must be Level 30 Revenant deals +5 damage to characters under 25% of their maximum health.
Out of Phase (5 min) Doom Howler No special requirements Attacks against the Revenant have a 15% chance of failure.
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