Favor of GNak

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Favor of GNak
Class CP Requires
Wyrm Master 60 Summon Horrid Tentacle
  • Increases the power of Horrid Tentacles
  • Changes Horrid Tentacles primary attack damage type to Acid
  • If a Favored tentacle deals the killing blow to a character, it is rejuvenated
  • Tentacles may remain after the Wyrm Master's death

Horrid Tentacles summoned by the Wyrm Master gain the following stat modifications:

  • Primary Damage increase of +1
  • Primary damage type is changed to Acid
  • Attack percentage increase of +5%
  • Hit Point increase of 5 points
  • Magic Point increase of 5 points
  • Action Point increase of 30 points

Additionally, when a Horrid Tentacle scores the killing blow on a player, it is automatically rejuvenated to its maximum HP, and MP, and gains 160 AP.
When the Wyrm Master is killed, all Favoured Tentacles will lose 20HP instead of despawning as normal. They will still despawn if this would kill them, without a message to either the master or any party in the same location as the tentacle.

Wyrm Master Skills

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