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Fallen Angel
Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Paladin, Shepherd



Angels are held to a very strict moral code. Defying this code even a little can result in them being shunned by those who empower them. Redemption is usually possible, if the proper penance is paid. However, some angels chose to defy this code too far, and invoke the wrath of Namm. When the final line is crossed, a curse is placed on the Fallen angel. The curse that brands them as unholy has a corrosive effect on their angelic body. A Fallen is forced to replace damaged and unusable parts with new ones that can withstand their unholy nature.

To become a Fallen Angel the character must have an Evil Morality when they decide to enter their Tier 3 class. Since the character's Tier 2 skills are angelic, and angelic skills require a Good Morality to function, this means that the Fallen Angel will lose access to all their Tier 2 skills.

Characters wishing to become Fallen Angels must spend a minimum of 100 Character Points on their angelic Tier 2 skills and/or spells. This is to prevent players from "gaming" the system and spending all their Character Points on Mortal skills so as to not lose anything when they Fall at the Tier 3 class entrance.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Abiding Hate +2 damage to Angels and +1 against non-demons - 30 - -
Sadistic Glee In single combat, each successful hit grants the Fallen 1MP and up to 3HP. On a killing blow, the Fallen gains 1AP (2AP if killing an Angel) Abiding Hate 60 +1 or +2 +1
Charade of Redemption Activates Charade of Redemption Status Effect. - - -1 -10
Dark Trick When under Charade of Redemption, characters attacking the player lose 2 Morality and take 5 Holy Damage. Charade of Redemption 60 - -
Masquerade of Deception When under Charade of Redemption, characters attacking the player are treated as if the Fallen was of Neutral alignment. They can also accept healing. Charade of Redemption 60 - -
Hellfire Charged Attack dealing +8 Unholy damage - 30 - -10
Infernal Jets Grants the character ever-increasing movement speed in one direction - 30 - -
Oath of Steel Character gains +1 damage and +5% to-hit bonus with melee and firearms attacks. - 30 - -
Bond of the Mechanical +2 damage and +10% to-hit with firearms and melee attacks. Can fully reload for 1AP and a varying amount of HP Oath of Steel 60 -1 -
Plague of Doubt Charged Attack inflicting Plagued with Doubt on targets - 30 -1 -6
Shadowskulk +10% to hide chance, +2 damage with surprise attacks - 30 - -
Shadow Dirk Innate Sword weapon with a +10% attack bonus, dealing 7 Unholy damage Shadowskulk 60 -1 -
Shadow Meld While Shadowskulking, Fallen is no longer detected by Enhanced Senses Shadowskulk 60 - -