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For a list of current factions, please see the NexusClash Faction Page or the wiki Category:Active Factions

Factions are groups of characters that have banded together. Characters can create a faction whenever they want, but a character must be level 10 and at least of Lieutenant rank in that faction in order to set up a Stronghold. Note that, upon creation of a faction, there is a 24 hour period in which the faction may not be edited in any fashion.

Benefits of Faction Membership

Membership within a faction carries several benefits. The most powerful benefit is a band of allies at one's side in combat. However, there exist other benefits to faction membership:

  • Faction Messages - faction leaders can send out helpful messages to everyone in a faction.
  • Strongholds - factions may define a Stronghold that provides a place of relative security for their members through a Ward and Fortifications.
  • Special Goodies - Strongholds also provide a location for your Personal Locker and for the Faction Safe, which allows you to share inventory space.

Types of Factions

During Faction creation, several factors have to be decided. These will be explained here.

Faction type can impact whether new characters will begin play in a faction. All new characters are given the option to be assigned to a faction at character creation, as well as the option to choose a faction alignment. Only Open, alignment-Relaxed factions of level 4 or above with a standing stronghold in Valhalla are eligible to be the starting point for new characters.


The Alignment of the faction determines who gets to join the faction, and who gets to stay in the faction, based on their Morality and Alignment. In addition, Redeemed and Fallen are able to join the factions of their Tier 2 alignment. Some Faction Upgrades are exclusive to one Alignment.

Good Good factions can only have Angels and Transcendants in the faction.
Evil Evil factions can only have Demons and Transcendants in the faction.
Unaligned Unaligned factions can only have Transcendants in the faction.

If your own characters' morality deviates too far from the faction's alignment in a Good or Evil faction, you may take damage while setting a Stronghold or even be unable to set or make changes to the faction's details. These limitations do not apply to Unaligned factions.

Open or Closed

In Open factions, anyone may join at any time.

Closed factions are "invite only" and typically contain individuals who want to tightly control whose company they keep. Attempting to Join one of these factions will not grant entry, but it will send a notification to faction leaders to let them know that you are requesting an invitation.

Restricted or Relaxed

In an alignment Restricted faction, if your character's alignment deviates too far from the faction's alignment, you will be immediately kicked out of the faction.

If you are already in a faction, and choose a class opposing that faction's alignment (meaning you are a mortal in a good faction and choose a demonic class, or a mortal in an evil faction and choose an angelic class) you will be immediately kicked from the faction, regardless of the faction's is Restricted or Relaxed setting. Note that Redeemed and Fallen are capable of joining factions of opposing alignments.

If your character Ascends or Descends and you have no faction (or were just kicked from one), you will automatically join The Heavenly Host or The Legions of the Abyss depending on which class alignment you took.

The Safety of a Faction

Factions are based in Strongholds. Strongholds are sometimes the "safest" place in the game. You are protected behind up to 1000 HP of factional ward, up to 500 HP of barricades which absorb damage and hopefully a meatshield of other characters who are more enticing targets than you. They can also be the most dangerous place in the game, as they are the only locations which are attacked by hordes of angels or demons out for blood.

If you leave a faction while inside the Stronghold, you will be automatically kicked outside to the porch of the stronghold tile. This is to stop people from joining a faction just to get around a ward. If you are kicked from a faction by its leadership, you will not be thusly removed.

Faction stronghold locations are not always broadcast on faction pages. The following information will be displayed depending on various circumstances:

  • Members of a faction always are shown the name of the tile, exact coordinates, and plane that their own stronghold resides on.
  • Factions of level 7 or greater AND that have had a stronghold standing for at least 48 hours will have the name of the tile, exact coordinates, and plane that their own stronghold resides on displayed (i.e., no change).
  • Factions of level 7 or greater that have had a stronghold standing for between 24 and 48 hours will have the district and plane (only) of the stronghold displayed.
  • Factions of level 7 or greater that have had a stronghold standing for less than 24 hours will have only the plane of the stronghold displayed.
  • Factions of level 2-6 that have had a stronghold standing for at least 48 hours will have the district and plane (only) of the stronghold displayed.
  • Factions of level 2-6 that have had a stronghold standing for less than 48 hours will have only the plane of the stronghold displayed.
  • Factions of level 1 will have only the plane of the stronghold displayed, regardless of how long the stronghold has been standing.
Faction Location
Level Coordinates Timeout
1 Plane When Stronghold is up
2-3 District + Plane After 48 hours of standing
4+ District + Plane From 24 to 48 hours of standing
4+ Tile + Exact Coordinates + Plane After 48 hours of standing

Faction Level

A faction's level is based on the total Character Levels of all of the active members of the faction. Levels are calculated as shown below:

Faction Level Total Character Levels
1 0+
2 20+
3 60+
4 120+
5 200+
6 300+
7 420+
8 560+
9 720+
10 900+
11 1100+
12 1320+
13 1560+
14 1820+

Footlockers and Safes

Every member in the faction gets a personal footlocker in the stronghold. It starts with 25 weight of storage space where you can keep your spare equipment and personal items. The footlocker is only available inside the faction stronghold, so if your stronghold is down, you can't get at it. Your gear is safe inside the footlocker, and will not break or decay while stored inside. Adding or removing an item costs 1 Action Point, and faction leaders may upgrade the footlocker to have more space by spending Renown.

When giving items to a factionmate inside your Stronghold, items will be placed in their Footlocker if they do not have inventory space but their Footlocker does have room. Both characters will be notified when this happens.

The Faction Safe is like your footlocker, in that you put stuff in there and it won't get broken, and you can't get at it when your stronghold is down. The big difference is that your factionmates can also put things in and retrieve stuff from it. This makes it great for passing items between faction members because you don't have to arrange to have enough space in your inventory at a specific time, just pull it from the safe when needed.

The space available in the faction safe is 100 by default and additional space can be purchased by faction leaders by spending Renown.

Faction leaders may clean their safe by dumping items from it individually or en masse for no AP cost.

Stronghold Flags

Each time a faction stronghold is created, a Flag is set up inside of it. If a Stronghold is attacked by a faction then you can take the flag if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • the Raiding faction is Hostile to the faction under attack
  • the Raiding faction's stronghold is currently set
  • there are no defenders remaining inside the Stronghold tile
  • the character attempting to claim the flag must have been a member of the raiding faction for at least 24 hours

Your faction gains Renown for stealing other factions' flags in this way. You earn two points of renown for every level a faction has, up to their current renown. The level of flag renown you are awarded is adjusted by the difference in levels between your faction and the target, minus one. This means that a Level 6 faction that captures the flag of a Level 8 faction will receive renown as if they captured the flag of a Level 9 faction. Likewise, if a Level 8 faction captured the flag of a Level 5 faction, they would receive renown as if they captured the flag of only a Level 3 faction. It is possible for flag capture renown to be reduced to zero this way, but it will never be a negative number.

If your flag was taken, the value of the flag is set to half the renown gained by having taken it, rounded down. This value drops by one point every 24 hours (to a minimum of 1). The faction that is raided loses a proportional amount of renown. It is possible to go into negative Renown this way. The flag may be reclaimed by either the owner of the flag or a faction that is Allied to that faction. The reclaiming faction gains renown equal to the flag's value and the faction that held the flag loses that much renown. Note that the faction the flag originally belonged to does not gain or lose any renown (unless they do the reclaiming).

Methods of Gaining Renown

  • Capturing enemy faction flag as explained in detail above.
  • Retrieving your or an ally's flag as explained in detail above.
  • Killing characters in a hostile faction grants one point of renown. Killing a character in an enemy faction grants two points of renown. This makes raiding a hostile or enemy faction a worthwhile method of gaining renown even if you are unable to take their flag. Kills scored by AOE or Pets will count as renown-scoring kills for these rewards, though kills by defensive Auras or Defiler Poison will not.
  • Killing Pets in hostile or enemy factions gains one or two Renown (as above with characters) but only if the Pets are killed by a direct attack by a player character. Kills of Pets by Tanking, AOE, attacks by other Pets, or despawning Pets by killing their master do not count.
  • Any Career Achievement Badges earned while in a faction grants that faction some renown.

Renown gain from claiming a flag:

Faction Level Renown Gained
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10
6 12
7 14
8 16
9 18
10 20

Renown gain from career badges:

Stat Badge Renown Gained
10 1
50 2
100 3
500 8
1000 10


Faction Bonuses
Rank Privileges
Initiate Enter stronghold, access footlocker, and use the faction chatbox
Veteran As Initiate, and can access safe
Lieutenant As Veteran, and can revoke stronghold, place stronghold, change politics, send Faction Messages and promote members to Veteran
Leader As Lieutenant, and can upgrade stronghold, change faction description, close/open faction, promote members to Lieutenant/Leader, view and edit existing bans, kick and ban characters/users (as long as the target isn't a leader), and view activity log of the faction safe.

Faction Leaders may edit these ranks to be named whatever they like instead of Initiate, Veteran, Lieutenant and Leader. However, these ranks will always have the same four sets of powers and permissions. The Heavenly Host and The Legions of the Abyss do not have Leaders; Leader-level decisions in these factions (promotions, stronghold placement, rank names and politics) are determined by the stances of their patron Elder Powers instead.

Faction Relationship

In the Faction's page, the "Show Politics" button takes you to the Faction Politics page where one can see what status a faction has set other factions to. This status can be changed by by simply logging in with a factioned character that has at least Lieutenant rank in that faction, followed by clicking on the "Factions" tab, located at the top of the screen. This will display every in-game faction along with buttons to "Set Faction to" and then the choice of either Friendly, Neutral or Hostile. By default, a faction will be set to Neutral. You may set an unlimited number of factions to either Friendly or Hostile. Depending on a factions' setting with another faction, and their setting with yours, your Faction Relationship will change and members of that faction's names will be displayed in a different color, as detailed by the following table:

Their Faction is
Your Faction is
- Friendly Neutral Hostile
Friendly Allied Friendly Friendly
Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Hostile Hostile Hostile Enemy

Factions and Guilds

The rank of a character in their Planar Guild depends on the relationship between their Guild and their Faction. Characters who are not a part of a Faction automatically receive Rank 1 in their Guild, having declined to divide their loyalties between a Faction and a Guild. Characters who are part of a Faction receive Rank 3 by default. This is raised by one rank if they are in a faction of the same alignment as their Elder Power (For instance, a follower of Namm's Accord of the Sun-Touched in a Good faction). A character's guild rank is also raised by one rank if the character's Class is of the same alignment as their Elder Power (For instance, a Corruptor who joins the Obsidian Cartel of Tlacolotl).

Members of the Adamant Kinship guild, having given their loyalty solely to Laurentia, cannot join Factions.

Faction Upgrades

Various upgrades are available at the cost of Renown. Some upgrades require regular Renown upkeep to maintain, others last until they are spent, and some last for the duration of the Breath.

Permanent Upgrades

  • Adamant Denial (25 renown) - Members of the Adamant Kinship lose all guild bonuses while on your faction's Stronghold tile.
  • Bulletin Board (variable renown):
    • Expands access to new sidebar tab, similar to the "Pad" tab, for Faction Members.
    • The Bulletin Board has a maximum length of 5000 characters. At present it is plain-text only (no HTML, no BBCode).
    • Leaders of the faction can edit the information in the "Bulletin Board" tab for 1 AP. When this is done, the Bulletin Board updates and an announcement is sent to the faction (per regular faction announcements).
    • This upgrade may be purchased up to three times. The first purchase costs 50 renown and allows Lieutenants to edit the board. The third purchase costs 75 renown and allows Veterans to edit the board. The fourth purchase costs 100 renown and allows all faction members to edit the board.
  • Increase Faction Footlocker Size - Footlockers are increased in increments of 5 space and each upgrade requires 10 renown plus 10 renown for each prior upgrade purchased (i.e., increasing size once to 30 requires 10 renown; increasing size again to 35 requires another 20 renown, increasing size again to 40 requires another 30 renown and so forth).
  • Increase Faction Safe Size - Safes are increased in increments of 20 space and each upgrade requires 1 renown plus 1 renown for each prior upgrade purchased. Factions start with 100 points of base safe size. Therefore, increasing size once to 120 requires 1 renown; increasing size again to 140 requires another 2 renown, increasing size again to 160 requires another 3 renown and so forth.
  • Planar Screen (25 renown): Members of your faction no longer take planar damage while moving onto your stronghold tile. Unlocks "Planar Domain" for purchase.
    • Planar Domain (50 renown) - Members of your faction no longer take planar damage while on the plane that your factional stronghold is located. PREREQUISITE: Planar Screen.
  • Flavor items (25 renown each):
    • Art Gallery - There are several well-done peices of abstract art hanging in the gallery.
    • Basketball Court - It is a full-court room with polished wooden floors.
    • Dance Floor - It is a large room with a polished wood floor and a hanging disco ball.
    • Day Care Center - It is a brightly-colored room filled with plastic toys and soft pillows.
    • Game Room - The game room contains a billiards table and several arcade and pinball machines.
    • Greenhouse - It is a hot, humid room, filled with rows of interesting looking plants.
    • Hot Tub - It is a large heated hot tub.
    • Koi Pond - It is a small pond filled with enormous goldfish.
    • Planetarium - It is a black-walled room with a large telescope.
    • Racquetball Court - It is a small, enclosed white-walled room.
    • Rock Garden - It is a serene, spartan room that contains only rocks, sand, and a rake.
    • Sparring Room - The floor is covered with padding and the walls are mirrored.
    • Swimming Pool - It is an indoor swimming pool and the air is pungent with the scent of its chlorine.
    • Theatre - It is a private screening room with a digital projector and a rocking sound system.
    • Torture Chamber - It is a dark room with a sinister-looking table with manacles.
    • Weight Room - It is a well furnished weight room, with several benches of free weights and machines.
    • Wet Bar - It is a large, well-stocked wet bar with a few stools.

Temporary Upgrades

  • Forge (5 renown + 5 renown per day) - Crafting actions that would require a Factory may be done within the stronghold.
  • Gunsmithing Table (3 renown + 3 renown per day) - Ammunition crafting and crafting and repairing of guns and ammunition may be done within the stronghold.
  • Medical Bay (5 renown + 5 renown per day) - Mundane healing actions heal an additional 5 points within the stronghold. This affects the First Aid Kit, Healing Herb, Stygian Bone Leech and Surgery actions only.
  • Generator (5 renown + 5 renown per day) - The faction's stronghold will always be Powered and lit for purposes of search bonuses, even if the power connection to the grid is cut or the neighborhood power is down. This benefit will still apply even in neighborhoods or Planes that do not normally have Power.
  • Soul Creche (5 renown + 5 renown per day) - Exclusive to Good Factions, this upgrade boosts the amount of Aethersprites that roam the Angelic plane of Elysium.
  • Infernal Hatchery (5 renown + 5 renown per day) - Exclusive to Evil Factions, this upgrade boosts the amount of lesser demonic creatures that roam the Demonic plane of Stygia.
  • Polarity Adaptor (5 renown + 5 renown per day) - Exclusive to Unaligned Factions, this upgrade makes members of the faction immune to the negative effects of Glyphs cast by other members of the same faction.
  • Arcane Lodestone (4 renown + 4 renown per day) - Exclusive to Unaligned Factions, this upgrade drastically reduces the cost of recharging Spellgems of known spells for all faction members from the normal 3 AP and 2x the casting MP cost down to 2 AP and 1x the casting MP cost.

One-Shot Upgrades

  • Lead Paint (25 renown) - The next time a non-faction-member attempts to cast a glyph spell on the stronghold tile, the lead paint upgrade absorbs the glyph, immediately destroying it. One layer of Lead Paint is consumed in the process. May be purchased multiple times.
  • Spelltrap (15 renown) - The next time a non-faction-member attempts to cast a glyph spell on the stronghold tile, the spelltrap is triggered, draining 25 MP from the caster. The spelltrap is consumed in the process. May be purchased multiple times, but only one spelltrap will be triggered at a time.
  • Emergency Bunker (10 renown) - The next time the stronghold is destroyed by enemies or revoked, one of these upgrades will be consumed and the Emergency Bunker status effect will appear on the site of your fallen stronghold. It will provide 7 points of Fortification soak for 24 hours.
  • Homing Beacon (Faction Level*6 renown, maximum 50 renown) - If a Faction possesses a Homing Beacon, any Leader may activate it in the Stronghold at any time. When activated, every member of the Faction gains the ability to teleport to the stronghold for 1 AP once in the next 24 hours. There is no limit to the number of Faction members who may receive this benefit, but each member may use it only once per Beacon.