Explosive Murder

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Explosive Murder
Class CP Requires
Pariah 40 Enervate
Explosive Murder
AP MP HP Other
1 8 - Death
Attack Type Base Accuracy
AoE 75%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Fire/Unholy lvl lvl * 10
  • User dies upon activation.
  • 50% for each target of dealing either Fire or Unholy damage.
  • 50% chance of being triggered at no cost when character is killed.

Using this skill causes the Pariah to violently explode, dealing an Area of Effect attack against the location the Pariah formerly occupied. This skill costs 1 Action Point and 8 Magic Points to activate. It should go without saying, but the Pariah is automatically killed when this skill is used.

This skill will cause a maximum total amount of damage equal to the character's level times 10. In other words, a 10th level Pariah can deal a maximum of 100 points of damage and a 30th level Infernal Behemoth can deal 300 points of damage.

The most damage a single target can take from this skill is a number of points equal to the Pariah's level. A 10th level Pariah can inflict a maximum of 10 points of damage on any one target, and a 30th level Infernal Behemoth could deal 30 points of damage.

The damage type of this attack is randomly determined from two choices: Fire damage and Unholy damage. There is a 50% chance that the attack will deal Fire damage and a 50% chance the attack will deal Unholy damage. This is determined on a per target basis, so it is possible for one victim to take Unholy damage while another takes Fire damage.

This skill has a flat 75% chance of hitting any particular target. A target's defenses against ranged attacks (if any), can reduce this base to hit chance.

Note: When a character with Explosive Murder is killed, there is a 50% chance of that character exploding involuntarily. This does not cost the character any Action Points or Magic Points.

Within the Circus Carnivorous in the unholy plane of Stygia, all characters, regardless of class or morality, possess the power of Explosive Murder both as an active weapon and as a chance to explode on death. Demons who actually have the Explosive Murder skill have their chance of exploding on death raised to 100% if they die within the Circus.

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