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Experience Points (XP) is the game mechanic used to simulate how a character learns and grows in Nexus Clash. By performing certain actions, a character earns Experience Points. When a character earns enough Experience Points they will gain a new level. When a character gains enough levels, they will enter a new Tier.

Earning XP

Experience Points can be earned in many different ways. Experience Points cannot be lost -- once they are earned the character always has them.

Some means of earning XP are:

XP multipliers

When doing actions that gain experience that involves other players, the amount of experience will be multiplied depending on what level you and your target are. This experience can vary from breath to breath.

The multipliers are as follows:

1-9 10-14 15-19 20-30
1-9 100% 50% 20% 10%
10-19 130% 100% 100% 40%
20-30 160% 140% 120% 100%