Euphoria Asylum

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It's where the Angels keep their nutters. Yes, some people go crazy in heaven.

EuphoriaAsylum.gif You are standing outside of Euphoria Asylum. The doors to to this large building appear to be made of intricately carved marble. Dominating the front of the building is a large statue of a woman with her arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture. The entire area exudes an aura of peace and tranquility.
You are standing inside of Euphoria Asylum. The inside of this building consists of a single large room. Spread about the area are several beds made of marble that appear surprisingly comfortable despite the material used in their construction. Lining one wall are several cabinets and chests, and a large firepit is centered in the room.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 35
Hide % 15 30
Allows: Alchemy

Characters with a Memory of a Past Life (non-clothing items renamed with Donation credits in a past breath) in their inventory may consume the Memory here to rename an item. In addition, characters with variant Spells they no longer want (for instance, because of changes by the spell's creator) may convert the spell they know back to its original base spell here.