Eternal Soldier

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Eternal Soldier
Tier: 3
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Myrmidon


ES directs here. ES may also refer to Enhanced Senses.

A Myrmidon is already a skilled soldier. However, there are those who surpass the limits of others, and continue to rise. These few who take their training far beyond the abilities of their fellow warriors are known as Eternal Soldiers. An Eternal Soldier understands the intricacies of combat so well, it is said they can predict the movements of their opponent before their opponent even begins to attack. They are very much the "action heroes" of the Nexus: Experts in martial arts, and deadly with guns.

Master of martial training and discipline, the Eternal Soldier is focused upon utilizing superior training, agility, tactics and exceptional endurance to overcome his enemies.

The Eternal Soldier relies very little on magic, but is master of the guns and a weapon in one's hands is exceedingly deadly.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Elite Attack +2 damage bonus on non-spell attacks - 30 - -
Infinite Attack +3 damage bonus on non-spell attacks Elite Attack 60 - -
Way of Fire Character damages with +15 Arcane damage Elite Attack 60 - -10
Way of Air +10% bonus to all attacks - 30 - -
Way of Antitoxin Character ignores effects of Minor Poison and Poison - 30 - -
Master of Vigor Character gains +20 HP. If under a Poison effect and it wears off, character gains +20 HP Way of Antitoxin 60 - -
Way of Earth Character gains an innate armor and +10 HP - 30 - -
Way of Lightning Character gains Way of Lightning Status Effect - 30 -1 -5
Way of the Fast Hands Allows players to reload firearms for 0 AP 30 - -
Master Marksman The Eternal Soldier ignores immunities and damage resistance when using Firearms. Way of the Fast Hands 60 - -
Master of Munitions Character can convert 1 ammo type to another, and quality is treated as 1 above current quality Way of the Fast Hands 60 - -
Way of the Lashing Kick +3 damage bonus to Kick - 30 - -
Master of Hidden Energy Character can change damage type on martial arts attacks to be Slashing, Piercing, Cold, Electric, or Arcane Way of the Lashing Kick 60 - -2
Master of the Martial Form Character gains Soft Strike and Cobra Strike, along with +5% to Hand-to-Hand attacks Way of the Lashing Kick 60 - -
Way of Urgency Character can spend 2AP and 5MP for the Adrenaline Status Effect - 30 -2 -5
Way of Vim Character gains +5 permanent AP and 10 inventory space - - - -
Master of Endurance Character gains +5 permanent AP and HP Way of Vim 60 - -
Way of Water +15% to Defense - 30 - -
Master of the Flow Character gains Master of the Flow Status Effect Way of Water 60 -3 -5
Master of the Reflex Character gains +10% defense. Way of Water 60 - -