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Class CP Requires
Mortal 10 None
  • Character can connect or remove electrical power to a building
  • Character can repair or disable power generators
  • Character can repair doors

Enables characters to:

  • Repair or Disable neighborhood power generators (requires Portable Toolkit and 15 AP), grants 25XP.
  • Repair doors (requires 5 AP for destroyed doors, 2 AP for damaged doors, grants 1 XP per AP spent). A completely destroyed door takes 5AP to reconstruct, and then 4AP to fully repair afterwards, giving 9XP total to completely repair a destroyed door.

Making repairs grants XP and +1 MO. Cutting power grants XP and -1 MO. Restoring power grants XP and +1 MO.

Note that you cannot Restore or Remove power on the tile you yourself first performed the opposing action on if this action was done in the last 24 hours. So unlike with doors, you shouldn't remain on the same tile. If you do, future attempts at Power interaction will result in a whoever did this surely was an expert message and render your attempt useless, refunding the AP spent.

Characters who choose Engineering as a starting skill begin play with a Portable Toolkit.

A Repaired door
Doors can be destroyed and repaired an unlimited number of times
Mortal Skills

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