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Class CP Requires
Pariah 0 None
AP MP HP Other
- +5 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Charged -
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
- - -
  • Inflicts Target with Enervate for 5 minutes, reducing their defense.
  • Defense penalties depend on the victim's health and range from -10% to -20%.

Enervate is a charged attack, requiring 5 Magic Points and no additional Action Points to use. A successful hit will inflict the Enervated Status Effect upon the target for a duration of 5 minutes in addition to the damage normally dealt by the attack.

Characters with the Enervated status effect now suffer a -10% to Defense if the character is at fewer than full Hit Points. If the character is at 50% or fewer than full hit points, this increases to -15%. If the character is at 25% or fewer than full hit points, this increases to -20%. An extra point of interest is that these brackets are similar to those that change the visual HP bar.

The duration of Enervate stacks if a target is hit with multiple Enervate attacks.

Pariahs gain this skill for free upon selecting the class.

Enervate Penalties
Target health Defense penalty
100% No penalty
<100% -10%
<50% -15%
<25% -20%

Pariah Skills

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