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Class CP Requires
Shepherd 20 None
AP MP HP Duration
1 X(1-30) - -
  • Cannot target Demonic characters.
  • Target gains X MP. (Cannot go over maximum. Excess MP is not returned to the user.)
  • User gains 1 MO.
  • User gains experience points equal to 50% the MP actually gained by the Target, rounded down.

This skill allows a character to transfer up to 30 of their own Magic Points to a target non- demon in the same location. Using this skill requires 1 Action Point plus the amount of Magic Points the character wants to transfer, up to a maximum of 30 Magic Points per single transfer.

Using this skill increases the Shepherds Morality by 1 point. They will also earn Experience Points equal to 50% of what they would have earned had they healed the target for the same number of Hit Points as they transferred Magic Points.

Shepherd Skills

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