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Enchant Item
Class CP Requires
Advocate 30 None
Conduit 30 None
Dark Oppressor 30 None
  • Character can add enchantments to items
  • Character has to be inside the Stronghold or tiles that allow enchanting
  • Requires 10 Action Points
  • Magic Point requirement varies as to item
  • Some enchantments have additional requirements
  • Character may view enchantments on items


A character with this skill can place enchantments on items, provided they are in a location that allows Alchemy (Inside their Faction Stronghold, a Pharmacy, etc.)

AP cost: 10
MP costs:

5+5 MP per existing enchantment for clothing and armour.
5+10 MP per existing enchantment for weapons.

Successfully placing an enchantment grants 15 XP with an additional 5 XP for each existing enchantment.

The AP cost is reduced by the Fraternity of Wondercraft bonus, but not by the Conduit's Rule of Design and Rule of Resourcefulness.


Placing multiple "damage type" enchantments on weapons causes the weapon to deal +1 damage for each enchantment after the first. Enchanting grenades boosts their damage when used to attack an area - far more than +1 damage for each enchantment - more so if the enchant matches the damage type of the grenade. Placing multiple "damage type" enchantments on armor causes the armor to soak +1 damage for each enchantment (unaffected by armor Quality).

All weapons and clothing may hold up to 6 enchantments. Armor may hold up to 10 enchantments. Imbued Spells also take up an enchantment slot. Characters with Enchant Item can see the exact order and composition of enchantment types on an item by hovering over the item in their inventory. Note this doesn't work on mobile at this time. Enchantments on armor and clothing will not stack with each other across pieces, instead you will get the highest benefit from any one item. For instance if you have 3 electric enchantments on a pair of shoes and 5 electric enchantments on a pair of pants, the total soak will be the highest of any single item. In this case the soak applied is +5 electric soak from the pair of pants.

Enchantments have a "duration", which has a certain amount of randomness for each enchant. Each time the item is used (to attack with weapons or to defend with armor/clothing), the duration of the most recent enchantment on the item is reduced by 1. Once this duration reaches zero, the most recent enchantment expires. If there are still enchantments remaining on the item, further uses of the item will cause the next most recent enchantment to decay, and so on until all of the enchantments are lost. An enchanted item has a flat 15% chance to have one enchantment decay at the death of its possessor.

Attacks by pets will not count against the duration of clothing and armor enchantments, but attacking a pet will still reduce the durations of the weapon enchantment as normal.

Known Enchantments

Each enchantment requires the Enchanter to possess a specific Potion and know a specific Skill or Spell as listed below.

Damage Type / Soak

  • Fire - Requires: Potion of Fire Affinity, knowledge of at least one spell of the "Fire" type.
  • Cold - Requires: Potion of Cold Affinity, knowledge of at least one spell of the "Cold" type.
  • Death - Requires: Potion of Death Affinity, knowledge of at least one spell of the "Death" type.
  • Electric - Requires: Potion of Electricity Affinity, knowledge of at least one spell of the "Electric" type. Demons will suffer damage and gain Morality for using Electric weapons.
  • Acid - Requires: Potion of Acid Affinity, knowledge of at least one spell of the "Acid" type. Angels will suffer damage and lose Morality for using Acid weapons.
  • Holy - Requires: Potion of Holy Affinity, Sanctify Spell skill. Characters that are not angelic will suffer damage for using Holy weapons.
  • Unholy - Requires: Potion of Unholy Affinity, Taint Spell skill. Characters that are not demonic will suffer damage if they use Unholy weapons.
  • Arcane - Requires: Potion of Magic Recovery, Deep Spellcraft skill. Characters that have either descended or ascended will suffer damage if they use Arcane weapons.


  • Durability - Requires: Potion of Invulnerability, knowledge of either Mystic Shield or Mystic Mail spell (reduces chance of degradation for weapons or armor by 1% - baseline is 3% for weapons, 4% for armor)
  • Accuracy/Defense - Requires: Potion of Combat Clarity, character must have Spell Combat. This increases attack chance by 5% for weapons, increases defense chance by 1% for armor and clothing. These enchantments stack with each other if they are placed on the same item - e.g. 5 Accuracy enchantments on a single clothing item would give a total of +5%. Only the highest defense bonus is used, so a character with +4% from one item and +5% from another only gains +5%.
  • Lighten - Requires: Potion of Flying, character must possess Cosmic Affinity skill (reduces item weight by 1, minimum of 1)
  • Poison - Requires: Potion of Regeneration, character must possess Defiler's Poison skill, Shepherd's Heal Others skill, or Sorcerer's Heal Self skill (weapon inflicts Minor Poison with a successful hit; armor or clothing has a 50% chance of inflicting minor poison on attacker on a successful close-combat attack). Multiple Poison enchantments do not add together for a greater than 50% chance. This extends to wearing multiple items enchanted with Poison not triggering once for each item. Instead, the game only checks against the 50% chance once
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