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Elysium is the refuge of the Angels. Only those who have dedicated themselves to the Word will respawn there. All others must find a path there, and will suffer harsh judgment if they are not properly prepared. Elysium is mostly pristine idyllic countryside, featuring lush orchards and clear, blue rivers. Rustic cottages and quaint inns dot the landscape, though there are also a handful of large, unique structures of great import to the Angels. The sun always shines in Elysium, bathing the land in perpetual day.

Some elder angels, as well as Nexal scholars such as Haldos, sometimes also refer to Elysium as Paradise.

However scenic they may be, Elysium's holy ground and wide rivers make travel through parts of this plane a daunting task, and would-be explorers would be wise to learn how to swim - or better, to fly. Angels are just as vulnerable to drowning as mortals, but are sufficiently holy to pass through hallowed ground unscathed.

History and Geography

Though many strongly good-aligned Planes have existed that bore the name Elysium over the course of countless Breaths, the Elysium that is accessible in the present Breath was not always a golden abode of goodness. Elysium is one aspect (the other being Stygia) of what was once a singular plane, its Breath's version of Valhalla - in which the bright, positive traits that now define Elysium and the dark, negative traits that now define Stygia existed in a tentative balance. However, when the ruthless greed of Tlacolotl and the harsh judgment of Namm each simultaneously attempted to claim the plane in the name of their ideology, it was torn in two, with its life-force divided between two formless and surreal mimics of a living world.

The landscape of Elysium is a manifestation of the bright, idealistic side of the world from which it came, a land of almost surreal perfection and beauty which embodies the harmonious ideals of Alonai yet at the same time forces out all that seems impure. Elysium is encircled by the crystal-clear waters of the great River Acheron, a babbling brook writ large that flows to the Alcyonian Sea to the west in which can be found the Fortunate Isle. The northern half of Elysium is distinguished by The Silent Battlefield, a testament to the eternal struggle fought by the angels to ensure that the beauty and innocence of Elysium remains untrammeled. To its south lies Tlalocan, a land of many winding roads that converges on the Crystal Castle sacred to Baraas. The far southwest of Elysium is the land of Celestia, which contains the vault of knowledge that remains as the legacy of the fallen angelic lord Azazel, as well as the Sacred Columbarium, the angels' monument to the fallen. The east of the plane of the angels is forested Xanadu, beloved of Alonai and home to the plants and animals that she holds dear.

Traveling to Elysium

Through countless Breaths, many mortal faiths have taught that the way to Elysium is difficult and fraught with perils and temptations. However, during the Nexal Struggle the barriers between planes are weaker and there are easy ways to access the home of the angels. The easiest way is to be an Angel, as characters who ascend to become a Paladin or Shepherd will respawn in Elysium one-third of the time, a chance that rises to two-thirds upon choosing a Tier 3 angelic class such as a Seraph or Advocate. The Fallen, having forfeited their angelic blessings, will no longer respawn in Elysium so long as they remain Evil, while the Redeemed, having turned aside from their demonic past, will respawn in Elysium as if they were Tier 3 angels.

Others who wish to voyage to Elysium may find a way there from Laurentia through any of a number of Portals. Known portals to Elysium from the mortal realm include:

  • A portal atop the summit of Mount Archimedes at 22,1 in the wilderness of Windfall Ridge, which brings cold mountain climbers to the warmer fields of Celestia.
  • An anomalous altar fresco within St. Clare's Cathedral at 24,26 in Wolverton, which beckons travelers to the lost grandeur of Arcadia.
  • A painted portrayal of paradise in the basement of Sunrise Community Church at 39,14 in Sunrise, which has taken on literal properties and leads to another part of Arcadia.
  • A wrought-iron gate at 11,29 in a hedgerow among the blueberry fields of Cimmeria, which now leads to the quaint cottages of peaceful Svarga.
  • An ocean current at 1,13 in the furthest reaches of the Panthalassic Ocean that were brought from Meropis to the Nexus, which when followed flows to the Alcyonian Sea.
  • A portal in an unknown place in the Underground that leads to the doorstep of Zion.

Once within Elysium, travel throughout the plane is often surprisingly quick and easy (at least for those that do not take Planar Damage there) by navigating up and down the River Acheron with the aid of Charon, the eternal Boatman. Charon can be found at each of the Wooden Bridges that cross the river and ferries passengers quickly from each bridge to the next. Charon alone still sees the worlds through which he travels as one undivided plane - and thus his presence makes travel between Elysium and Stygia remarkably easy, for he is able to transport travelers on a bridge in one plane to the corresponding bridge in the other and vice versa.

Locations Found in Elysium