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The Elder Powers is a term applied to the group of deities (or presumed deities) who created the Planes, oversee the Nexus War, fuel the magicks of the Nexus, and generally oversee and create Breaths of the universe. They are sometimes referred to as Those who Sit in Judgement.

Little is known about the Elder Powers and what lore exists is fragmented and often contradictory. It is generally accepted that they are the "judges" of the Nexal struggle, and at an appointed time they will declare a victor to the conflict. Alliances and enmities exist between Powers, yet only one can win victory in a given Breath. However, every active Power embodies greater ideals or concepts, and as such the influence of every Power can be felt, to varying degrees, in the world of every Breath.

Nine Elder Powers, three each of Good, Evil and the Unaligned, are known to be active in the Nexus. Haldos speculated in his writings that there were twelve Elder Powers in "recent" history, three of whom had been lost or forgotten. Since the origins of the Elder Powers are not known, if true this interpretation suggests that their numbers have decreased, not increased, with time.

More is known about the evil Powers, as they have been less circumspect in their dealings with mortals and the sub-divine. Still, much of what motivates the Elder Powers is a mystery at best.

Elder Powers

The following beings are known to be active Elder Powers:

  • Ahg-za-haru holds the portfolio of slavery, greed, jealousy, hatred, and irrationality. It is aligned with Evil.
The Darksoul Cabal is the guild pledged to Ahg-za-haru.
  • Tholaghru the Gnasher holds the portfolio of mutation, chaos and disorder. It is aligned with Evil.
The Sires of Retribution is the guild pledged to Tholaghru.
  • Tlacolotl holds the portfolio of planned, surgical usage of violence to accomplish a particular design, and selfish machinations. He is aligned with Evil.
The Obsidian Cartel is the guild pledged to Tlacolotl.

  • Goros the Gatekeeper holds the portfolio of the qualities and relationships of matter, such as space and physical laws. He is Unaligned.
The Opal Syndicate is the guild pledged to Goros.
  • Hashaa holds the portfolio of death, decay, and entropy. She is Unaligned.
The Sect of Maevel is the guild pledged to Hashaa.
  • Marquai the Constructor holds the portfolio of localised order to suit the needs of an individual. He is Unaligned.
The Fraternity of Wondercraft is the guild pledged to Marquai.

  • Alonai holds the portfolio of life, love, innocence, faith, trust, and virtue. She is aligned with Good.
The Knot of Keepers is the guild pledged to Alonai.
  • Baraas the Laughing holds the portfolio of structure, cooperation, and growth. He is aligned with Good.
A Lightspeaker or a Seraph gains their powers from Him.
The Monks of the Unbound Mind is the guild pledged to Baraas.
The Order of the Blue Rose is a second guild pledged to Baraas, as He was the shaping power of the current Breath.
  • Namm the Vigilant holds the portfolio of justice, law, and the protection of the weak. He is aligned with Good.
The Accord of the Sun-Touched is the guild pledged to Namm.