Ebony Tower

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Ebony Towers are the pinnacle of Demonic architecture, foci of infernal power that can be found at the heart of settlements in Stygia.

All Demons, including the Fallen, gain a +2 Soak bonus against all forms of soakable damage while in the presence of an Ebony Tower.

Ebony Tower.gif You are standing outside of Ebony Tower. This is a squat, dark tower constructed of a jet-black stone that is slippery to the touch. Intricate and arcane engravings have been carved into all available surfaces. A faint, unsettling humming can be heard (or perhaps felt?) coming from the stonework.
You are standing inside of Ebony Tower. The interior here is swathed in red and black velvet. The trappings here are of a decent quality. The place thrums with power, however, and creates a mild nausea.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 30
Hide % 5 20
Allows: Smithing Gunsmithing Alchemy Strongholds