Draining Field

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Draining Field
Class CP Requires
Corruptor 60 Manabiter
  • When attacked and hit with an Enchanted Weapon, character has a 40% chance of consuming a random Enchantment from that weapon and gaining effects as per Manabiter.
  • When attacked, has a 40% chance of inflicting the attacker with Drained.

The Corruptor is so in tune with stealing of magicks that he has an almost palpable aura - any time an enchanted weapon is used to attack the Corruptor, there is a 40% chance of the Corruptor spontaneously consuming an enchantment from the weapon (as per Manabite) to gain MP and/or additional effects.

In addition, whenever the Corruptor is attacked (even by non-enchanted weapons), there is a 40% chance that the Drained Status Effect will be inflicted on the attacker for 10 status ticks. This is a separate roll, independent of whether or not an enchantment was consumed from the attacking weapon.

Draining Field is able to drain magical charges applied with Martial Spellcraft. Because master Corruptors are experienced in dealing with the tricks of their own kind, Draining Field does not have the ability to remove charges from Tainted Wings.

Corruptor Skills

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