Draining Field

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Draining Field
Class CP Requires
Corruptor 60 Manabiter
  • When attacked and hit with an Enchanted Weapon, character has a 40% chance of consuming a random Enchantment from that weapon and gaining effects as per Manabiter.
  • When attacked, has a 40% chance of inflicting the attacker with Drained.

The Corruptor is so in tune with stealing of magicks that he has an almost palpable aura - any time an enchanted weapon is used to attack the Corruptor, there is a 40% chance of the Corruptor spontaneously consuming an enchantment from the weapon (as per Manabite) to gain MP and/or additional effects.

In addition, whenever the Corruptor is attacked (even by non-enchanted weapons), there is a 40% chance that the Drained Status Effect will be inflicted on the attacker for 10 status ticks. This is a separate roll, independent of whether or not an enchantment was consumed from the attacking weapon.

Corruptor Skills

Cosmic AffinityCosmic Mastery || Enhanced Senses || Hex of NullityHex of Agony |→ Hex of Sapping || Manabiter (free skill) → Draining Field || Leathern WingsRazor WingsTainted Bond || Cut the Silver CordTouch of Corrupted Loyalty