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Class CP Requires
Dark Oppressor 60 Crown of Pain
  • Crown of Pain now inflicts debuffs on target, as follows:
  • Brimstone inflicts Choking (-10% to-hit),
  • Caustic inflicts Exposed (-2 soak),
  • Decaying inflicts Lethargic (-10% defense),
  • Infernal inflicts Weakness (-2 damage).

The Oppressor's Crown of Pain now inflicts a negative Status Effect on the target for 10 Status Ticks. These effects overlap (and hence do not stack). The status inflicted varies according to the Oppressor's choice when reloading the Crown, as follows:

  • Brimstone - inflicts the Choking status (-10% to attack).
  • Caustic - inflicts the Exposed status (-2 to soak)
  • Decaying - inflicts the Lethargic status (-10% to defense)
  • Infernal - inflicts the Weakness status (-2 to damage).
Dark Oppressor Skills

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