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Class CP Requires
Doom Howler 60 Gnashing of Teeth
  • Teeth of the Damned inflicts the Doomblight status for 5 Status Ticks.
  • Doomblight inflicts -1 soak on the target.
  • The soak penalty from multiple instances stack.

This skill improves the Doom Howler's Teeth of the Damned attack. Characters hit by Teeth of the Damned will be inflicted with the Doomblight Status Effect for 5 Status Ticks.

Multiple strikes do not reset or increase the duration of existing Doomblight Status Effects. Instead, each hit with the Teeth of the Damned creates a new instance of Doomblight for 5 ticks. Multiple instances of Doomblight may affect the same target simultaneously. Each instance of Doomblight inflicts a -1 penalty to the target's Soak.

Doom Howler Skills

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