Doom Howler

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Doom Howler
Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Pariah



Some Pariahs do not react well to the curse placed upon them. They are tormented, angry, and vengeful. It is said that a Pariah can be utterly destroyed in mind and body by the curse. With only their spirit remaining, they can manifest in a semi-corporeal state and inflict their agony upon others. These restless spirits are known as Doom Howlers. While it is clear the the Doom Howler embraces a form of deathly magic, there is much debate over whether a Doom Howler is undead or not, and how much of a hand Hashaa has in creating them. It is because of Doom Howlers that many angels find death based magic to be distasteful, and of questionable morality.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
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Requirements Cost
Aether Manipulation Passive. Gains +10 MP, ability to learn spells and cast from Spellgems, and +30% chance to hit with ranged spells. - 30 - -
Arcane Warrior +20% chance to hit with ranged spells. Aether Manipulation 60 - -
Martial Spellcraft Passive. Character gains ability to imbue weapons with offensive spells and trigger said spells. Aether Manipulation 60 - -
Elite Attack Passive. Increases damage of non-spell attacks by 2. - 30 - -
Ghost Tendrils Character gains an innate Hand-to-Hand attack dealing 8 points of Cold damage. +1 damage to all Hand-to-Hand attacks - 30 -1 -
Soul Draining Character gets +2 damage on Hand-to-Hand attacks. When hitting a target with a Hand-to-Hand attack, target loses 2 Magic Points Ghost Tendrils 60 - -
Ghostwalk  (This skill is currently bugged) Character gains ability to be Hovering and move for half cost. - 30 -1 -3
Gnashing of Teeth Innate Thrown Weapon attack dealing 9 Unholy damage and +5% to hit - 30 -1 -
Doomblight When using Gnashing of Teeth, characters can be inflicted with Doomblight. Gnashing of Teeth 60 - -
Scream of the Banshee Character can inflict Frightened on nonfactionmates. - - -1 -7
Wail of the Dead Character gains an Area of Effect attack dealing death damage. Scream of the Banshee 60 -6 -15
    ↳Keening of the Damned Character gains an Area of Effect attack dealing Unholy damage. Wail of the Dead 90 -8 -15
Spectral Armor Character gains an innate armor. - 30 - -
Phasing Character gets +5% to defense and can activate the Phasing status effect Spectral Armor 60 -1 -10
Summon Chain Gremlin Character can summon a Chain Gremlin - 30 -1 -15
Ancient Trickery Chain Gremlin is upgraded Summon Chain Gremlin 60 - -
Wytchfire Character gains an innate Hand-to-Hand attack inflicting the Target with Wytchfire - 30 - -