Divine Herald

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Divine Herald
Tier: 3
Morality: Good
Entrance: Paladin



When a Paladin has proved themselves worthy, they may be blessed with the strength to strike down evil wherever it may be. These hunters are known as Divine Heralds, the messengers of death. While always just and true, the methods a Divine Herald employs to accomplish what must be done cause them to often be seen as reckless and dangerous extremists.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Crimson Gladius Innate Weapon. Deals 7 damage and +10% to hit. - 30 -1 -
Harbinger of War Triggered. +5% accuracy for all melee attacks. Character gains Harbinger of War status. Crimson Gladius 60 -1 -10
Demon Tracker Triggered. Shows where demons are within the game map. Removes the Invisible status effect if on the same square. - - -1 -6
Dust to Dust Passive. Characters do not leave behind a corpse in single combat. - 30 - -
Harbinger of Death Triggered. Gains Harbinger of Death status. Dust to Dust 60 -1 -10
Enhanced Senses Passive. Automatically detects hidden characters. - 30 - -
Feet of the Wind Passive. Movement cost is always halved and impassable tiles can be crossed. Flying characters can be attacked if grounded. - 30 - -
Holy Fury Triggered. Gain 20 additional Hit Points and Holy Fury status. - 30 -1 -10
Infinite Attack Passive. Character gains 3 points of damage on all non-spell attacks - 30 - -
Righteous Attack Passive. Character gains 3 points of damage on all Evil (or Neutral with Hand of Zealotry) targets Infinite Attack 60 - -
Oaken Greatbow Innate weapon. Deals 8 piercing damage and +10% to hit. - 30 -1 -
Harbinger of Conquest Triggered. Character gains +5% to hit on all Archery attacks. Character gains Harbinger of Conquest effect. Oaken Greatbow 60 -1 -10
Steadfast Resolve Triggered. Character gains Steady Aim status effect - 30 -1 -1 to -10
Harbinger of Judgement Character gains Harbinger of Judgement status effect. Steadfast Resolve 60 -1 -10