Divine Armor

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Divine Armor
Class CP Requires
Paladin 40 Shield of Faith
Armor Effect
Slashing 4 Piercing 4 Impact 4
Fire 3 Cold 3 Electric 3
Acid 2 Death 3
Holy 5 Unholy 1 Arcane 3

Divine Armor grants the character a permanent innate Armor. It is always active, weightless, and cannot decay or be destroyed. It cannot be dropped, traded to another character, or deactivated.

To better serve their Elder Powers, a Paladin may be blessed with Divine Armor. This renders them resistant to the elements and the mundane damages normal to battlefields. However, the Paladin has a notable weakness to Unholy and Acidic attacks, the types favoured by the Demonic Legions.

Paladin Skills

Bolster AttackSmite || Combat Mastery || Shield of Faith (free skill) → Defensive Stance |→ Divine Armor || Hand of ZealotryHolier Than Thou || Strong AttackElite Attack