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The Nexus Clash development team (usually known as the "Dev Team") are a group of volunteer players responsible for creating, maintaining and improving the world of Nexus Clash.

Dev Team Structure

The development team operates as a design collective who work together on the game, improving a wide diversity of subjects such as game balance, creating and balancing skills, map development, lore, and events. The Dev Team have a wide variety of interests and viewpoints, and some devs have more of an interest in some topics than others; however, the Dev Team is not organized into departments and Devs are encouraged to take action on any topic that they wish to bring to the attention of the whole team. All devs have access to the development server, a separate copy of the game in which all devs have admin access and in which code improvements, new features and new world maps are tested.

The development team extensively documents its work. While many improvements to the game have resulted from projects by individual devs working on their own, all changes are recorded in a shared YouTrack system. This allows changes to be reviewed and critiqued by the team as a whole and means that subjects that the team does not agree on may be brought to a decision by a majority vote.


Some Devs have additional duties as Admins. Admins are responsible for enforcing the Rules and awarding credits when Donations are received. Admins have additional powers on the site that allow them to investigate rulebreaking, enforce rulebreaking penalties, and oversee events. Additionally, all Admins have admin powers on this Wiki, but some devs also have Wiki admin powers who are not Admins on the wider site. All Admins have admin powers on the Nexus Discord, but some players ("Discord mods") also have admin powers on the Discord who are not devs nor Admins on the wider site.

If you believe that you have witnessed a rulebreaking incident or discover a serious bug or exploit that is sufficiently hazardous that it should not be made public on the Bug Reporting forum, you should always contact an Admin privately and they will investigate it and determine what action needs to be taken. Multiple Admins are always involved in the discussion before action is taken on rulebreaking incidents, and admins keep records of their decisions in a manner similar to (but separate from) Dev records of changes and decisions.

The Admins are Rincewind, BobGeneric and Kandarin.

List of Dev Team members

Please note that the focus of individual devs is only a general summary of their strongest interests in the past. All devs have had involvement in a far wider range of development topics and the structure of the team encourages them to do so.

  • Rincewind
    • Discord ID: Rincewind#1555
    • Focus: Administration, site hosting, database management, long-term codebase and interface improvements and coding of major new features

  • BobGeneric
    • Discord ID: BobQGeneric#4262
    • Wiki ID: Admin (Wiki creator and root owner)
    • Focus: Administration, Skill/class/mechanics number crunching and balancing, overall lore, long-term codebase improvements (Bob is the original creator of the codebase and the site) and coding of major new features

  • Nayru
    • Discord ID: Nayru#0690
    • Wiki ID: Nayru
    • Focus: Skill/mechanics number crunching and balancing, bug/code repairs and quality-of-life improvements

  • Kandarin
    • Discord ID: Kandarin#1066
    • Wiki ID: Kandarin
    • Focus: Administration, Mapmaking (Laurentia, Breath 5 Stygia and general map support), overall lore, wiki administration, bug/code repairs and quality-of-life improvements and improvements of a wide range of little details

  • Saint Jimmy
    • Discord ID: Thonk#2429
    • Wiki ID: A_Doctor
    • Focus: Bug/code repairs and quality-of-life improvements, skill/mechanics balancing, wiki administration, a ton of bugfix testing and general little-details improvements

  • Repth
    • Discord ID: Repth#4728
    • Wiki ID: Repth
    • Focus: Mapmaking (Breath 5 Valhalla) and Valhalla lore, general lore and immersion

  • Thalanor
    • Discord ID: Thalanor#0839
    • Focus: Mapmaking (Breath 5 Elysium), Hypermap development and Angelic lore

  • Wozzy
    • Discord ID: Wozzy#2207
    • Focus: Mapmaking (Breath 5 Purgatorio), skill mechanics and balance

  • Plscks
    • Discord ID: plscks#0156
    • Wiki ID: Plscks
    • Focus: Map and planner management, bug hunting, accessibility, wiki administration