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Class CP Requires
Defiler 0 None
AP MP HP Duration
2 3 - -
  • Defiler gains a random benefit on striking a killing blow.
  • May spend AP/MP to defile existing corpses and gain the same benefits.

Each time the Defiler makes a kill, he draws upon the life of his victim to gain power for himself. The effects of each particular kill are determined randomly.

In addition, if a "fresh" corpse (under one hour old) is in the tile, the defiler may spend 2 AP and 3 MP to desecrate the corpse to gain a random benefit. A corpse may not be defiled more than once. You can defile the corpse of a character you just killed because that corpse is still considered "fresh".

Desecration Results
Result Chance
Blood Feast 20% Regains 10 hit points (cannot go above maximum)
Infernal Revitalization 20% Regains 8 MP, for a net gain of 5 MP if the Defiler spent MP to desecrate the corpse (cannot go above maximum)
Gleaning of Blood 15% Gains one Blood Ice
Gleaning of Spirit 15% Gains one Soul Ice
Explosive Corpse 10% Corpse explodes in an Area of Effect attack that deals 15/70 unholy damage. The explosion does not affect factionmates in the same location.
Unholy Strength 10% Gains Unholy Strength status effect for 10 status ticks, which grants a +3 bonus to damage with hand-to-hand attacks, which deal unholy damage while the status lasts
Sulphurous Cloak 3% Gains Sulphurous Cloak status effect for 8 status ticks, which either acts as an Aura (6 unholy damage) or can be used to augment close combat attacks by 6 unholy damage in addition to normal damage
Fiendish Foresight 3% Gains Fiendish Foresight status effect for 10 status ticks. Character does not suffer extra damage when attacked by unseen foes, and gains +10% defense
Wicked Exhilaration 2% Gains 3 AP, for a net gain of 1 AP if the Defiler spent AP to desecrate the corpse
Gleaning of Flesh 2% Gains one Chunk of Salted Meat

Defiler Skills

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