Demon Tracker

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Demon Tracker
Class CP Requires
Divine Herald Free None
Demon Tracker
AP MP HP Duration
1 6 - -
  • User is informed of the names and number of Demonic Characters within their field of view (The visible tiles of the Game Map)
  • User is informed how many of the demons thus detected are in a Stronghold.
  • Any Demons in the same location as the Herald lose their Invisibility

For a cost of 1 Action Point and 6 Magic Points, the character is able to sense the number of demons currently within their "field of view" (their current tile and any tile with a range of 2 -- this is an area equal to the game map). This sense will tell the Divine Herald the names and character profiles of the demons that have been detected, and will also tell how many of these demons are sheltered within a Stronghold.

If used in the same square as an invisible demon, it also strips the Invisible Status Effect from all demons in the character's tile (NOT field of view).

Divine Herald Skills

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