Defensive Stance

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Defensive Stance
Class CP Requires
Paladin 40 Shield of Faith
Defensive Stance
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 15 minutes
  • Attacks cost 1 MP while under Defensive Stance.
  • Characters affected by Defensive Stance have a 33% chance of evading an Attack that hits them (it will appear as a Miss.) This is a second RNG roll, separate from the normal Hit/Miss roll.

This skill allows the character to gain the Defensive Stance Status Effect for a duration of 15 minutes by spending 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points. This status effect can be stacked, increasing its duration. While the Defensive Stance Status Effect is active, any attack that might normally hit the character has a 33% chance of outright missing. In other words, once an attack has successfully hit the character with Defensive Stance, there is then a flat 33% chance that that hit becomes a miss. This does not stack with the flat miss chance granted by Holy Champion air cloaks. Instead, the latest effect activated is the one used.

Activating this ability will cancel any Harbinger of War or Harbinger of Conquest status active on the character.

While under Defensive Stance, every attack action the Paladin makes will drain him of 1 MP. If the Paladin attacks while having no MP remaining, then the effect ends.

Paladin Skills

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