Deep Spellcraft

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Deep Spellcraft
Class CP Requires
Sorcerer 40CP Spellcraft

Grants access to

  • Eldritch Blast - change damage type to Arcane
  • Mystic Seeker - make spell autohit
  • Area of Effect - make spell target multiple victims

This skill allows the character to alter the very nature of any spell that has been memorized. In other words, spells cast from a Spellgem cannot be altered by use of this skill -- the character must have spent Character Points to learn the spell permanently.

In addition, this skill is required for enchanting weapons to deal Arcane damage and enchanting armor to defend against Arcane damage.

The character has three choices: Eldritch Blast, Mystic Seeker, and an Area of Effect option.

Eldritch Blast

For a cost of 2 Magic Points in addition to the spell's normal cost, the character can change the damage type of the spell to Arcane damage (whilst still retaining Affinity bonuses). Eldritch Blast does not cost the additional 2 MP if the target is a Ward.

Mystic Seeker

For a cost of 3 Magic Points in addition to the spell's normal cost, the character can convert the spell into an "auto-hit" spell. An auto-hit spell does not require an attack roll -- it automatically hits the target. Mystic Seeker can be combined with Eldritch Blast if so desired. Mystic Seeker cannot be used against targets.

Area of Effect Option

For a cost of 5 Action Points and a doubling of the spell's normal Magic Point requirement, the character can convert a spell into an Area of Effect attack. The per target damage of the AoE attack equals the damage the spell would normally do, and the maximum total damage is 10 times that. Bonuses to spell damage will increase the per target damage, but not the maximum total. The AoE also does not apply the special attributes of spell types. Auto-hit spells are currently reduced to a flat 50% chance to hit, disregarding the targets' melee dodge and ranged defense statistics. Other spells use the caster's standard spell attack chance.

For example, a Sorcerer knows the spell Ice Strike and casts it using the Area of Effect option from Deep Spellcraft. The spell will require 5 Action Points and 10 Magic Points (double the spell's normal requirement of 5 Magic Points). The spell will deal a maximum of 8 points of Cold damage per target, and will deal a maximum of 80 (base damage of 8 times 10) points of Cold damage to the occupants of the location.

Sorcerer Skills

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