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In Laurentia, a day lasts one hour and a night lasts one hour. A total cycle lasts two real-life hours, or 8 Game Ticks. The game goes through a single cycle - day and then night - and then begins a new cycle after the old one is finished, just like the real world but quicker. In order to see what time of day it is in the game, the "Location" pane will show either a Time-Day.gif symbol for Daytime or a Time-Night.gif symbol for Nighttime.

Searching for items at night takes a -10% penalty. Non-hidden characters in buildings with power can be detected from the outside at night, because the location's description will read how you can "see shadows moving inside". This means that hunting at night might be quite profitable. Searching for items during the day takes no penalty, so search rates are like those presented in the Items page. Most characters will search for items during the day for this reason.

As creatures of shadow, Revenants have significant advantages when operating at night, which are offset by weaknesses during the day.

While the day and night cycle in Laurentia is much like Earth, the plane of Elysium is illuminated in eternal day, while the plane of Stygia is hidden in eternal night. Demons get a search bonus to offset the searching penalty in Stygia. For more information regarding searching, view the Searching page.