Dark Sanitarium

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DarkSanitarium.gif You are standing outside of Dark Sanitarium. This is a single-story building made of dark stone. It bears no markings or other features.
You are standing inside of Dark Sanitarium. The interior of this building is a single large room, supported by columns. It is otherwise empty and featureless, but there is a vague unpleasantness within that seems to seep into the soul.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 20
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Alchemy

Characters with a Memory of a Past Life (non-clothing items renamed with Donation credits in a past breath) in their inventory may consume the Memory here to rename an item. In addition, characters with variant Spells they no longer want (for instance, because of changes by the spell's creator) may convert the spell they know back to its original base spell here.