Dark Oppressor

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Dark Oppressor
Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Defiler



Angelic scholars will say it is against the very nature of demons to help one another unless they stand to gain something in the bargain. The Dark Oppressor stands as an enigma in the face of that universal truth. Numerous reports of Dark Oppressors casting waves of fear and terror over masses report very little gained on the part of the Oppressor. To further confuse scholars, there are just as many reports of a Dark Oppressor cursing an individual so that another demon may delight in inflicting greater pain. What Angelic Scholars fail to see is that a Dark Oppressor will gain followers faster than any other type of demon. A Dark Oppressor instead sees that which they give as an investment. It is true that their power is often used by other demons, but in return they gain the loyalty of a horde to command.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
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Requirements Cost
Caustic Horns Character gains an innate Hand-to-Hand attack dealing 7 points of Piercing damage and a 25% chance to inflict Minor Poison - 30 -1 -
Corrosive Horns Character gains an innate Hand-to-Hand attack dealing 9 points of Acid damage, a +10% chance to hit, dealing +9 damage to wards, and a 50% chance to inflict Acid Burn Caustic Horns 60 1 -
Cosmic Affinity Passive. Character gains +15 Magic Points - 30 - -
Crown of Pain Innate ranged attack from the Firearms skill tree. - 30 -1 -10
Doomsights Can inflict Choking, Exposed, Lethargic, or Weakness with Crown of Pain Crown of Pain 60 - -
Curse of Blood Innate Touch Attack. Target gains Curse of Blood Status Effect. - - -1 -5
Agony Curse Innate Touch Attack. Target gains Agony Curse Status Effect. Curse of Blood 60 -1 -5
Intimidating Aura Casts an Aura that inflicts a -2 Soak penalty to nonfactionmates. Curse of Blood 60 -7 -16
    ↳Domineering Presence Intimidating Aura inflicts -2 penalty to damage and -15% to accuracy Intimidating Aura 90 - -
    ↳Terrifying Aura Intimidating Aura inflicts a -15% penalty to defense. Intimidating Aura 90 - -
Enchant Item  (This skill is currently bugged) Passive. Character gains ability to enchant items for 10 AP and a varies amount of MP. - 30 -10 Varies
Seal Magic Character's MP cost of enchanting items reduced by 20% and duration increased by 50% Enchant Item 60 - -
Leathern Wings Character gains ability to fly. - 30 -1 -3
Terrifying Aspect Character gains +10% Defense bonus - 30 - -
Lord over Domain Character gains +10% Defense, +20% Accuracy, and +5 Soak on an Evil-aligned Ley Line tile, or in Stygia Terrifying Aspect 60 - -
    ↳Legion Master Character gains bonuses if on a square with factionmates Lord over Domain 90 - -
Glyph Mastery Glyphs cast by the character have double duration. - 30 - -