Crown of Pain

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Crown of Pain
Class CP Requires
Dark Oppressor 30 None
Crown of Pain
AP MP HP Other
1 - - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Firearms 10%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Varies Varies -
  • The following can be selected when reloaded:
  • Brimstone (deals 12 fire damage, 12 shots).
  • Caustic (9 acid damage, 10 shots).
  • Decaying (10 death, 8 shots).
  • Infernal (11 unholy, 10 shots).

Characters with this skill gain an innate ranged attack, the Crown of Pain. This attack uses the Firearms skill tree.

Recharging the Crown requires 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points, and is done from the "Use Skills" pane even if the Crown is still charged. The character may select from four options when reloading the crown; the damage type and number of shots depends on the option chosen, as follows:

  • If Brimstone is chosen, the Crown is reloaded with 12 shots that deal 12 fire damage,
  • If Caustic is chosen, the Crown is reloaded with 10 shots that deal 9 acid damage,
  • If Decaying is chosen, the Crown is reloaded with 8 shots that deal 10 death damage.
  • If Infernal is chosen, the Crown is reloaded with 10 shots that deal 11 unholy damage.

When this skill is first purchased, the Crown will come into being with only a few shots which deal Unholy damage.

Note: The weapon is an innate one, so does not appear in the Inventory. Instead, the only way to find out how many shots is left is to look at the number in one of the drop-down menus (when aiming at a bottle, door, person, etc).

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