Cosmic Mastery

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Cosmic Mastery
Class CP Requires
Archon 60 Cosmic Affinity
Corruptor 60 Cosmic Affinity
Wizard 60 Cosmic Affinity
  • Permanent +15 point increase to character's MP total

Characters with this skill gain a permanent 15 point increase to their Magic Point total.

Upon buying the skill, your MP reserves also get completely refilled.

Archon Skills

Beads of the Rapture || Blade of LightBlade of Ages |→ Dispelling Blade || Glyph Mastery || Cosmic AffinityCosmic Mastery || Divine Vengeance (free skill) → Enhanced Senses || Eye of JudgmentDread GazeForceful Punishment || Holy Fortitude || Wings || Word of RecallSong of the Word

Wizard Skills

Arcane MarksmanArcane SiphonGreater Arcane Siphon || Blink || Cosmic AffinityCosmic Mastery |→Cosmic Oneness || Fortify SpellSpell Empowerment || Magical Reserves (free skill) →Arcane Affinity || Martial Spellcraft || Spellwand || Glyph Mastery || Spell ParrySpell Turning

Corruptor Skills

Cosmic AffinityCosmic Mastery || Enhanced Senses || Hex of NullityHex of Agony |→ Hex of Sapping || Manabiter (free skill) → Draining Field || Glyph Mastery || Leathern WingsRazor WingsTainted Bond || Cut the Silver CordTouch of Corrupted Loyalty