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Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Defiler



Some Defilers impress their patron so much, that a new deal is offered to them. Additional dark power is granted to the Defiler, but what they surrender in exchange is never spoken. Some angelic scholars theorize that a Corruptor is a defiler who has become an aspect of their patron, and a Corruptor is channeling power directly from a source greater than themselves. Caution is always advised when dealing with a Corruptor. A Corruptor always seems to have something nearby to draw power from, and no amount of preparation will do any good against the vile Hex they are known for.


Skill Short Description (Click on skill to see full description) Requires CP AP MP
Cosmic Affinity Gain a permanent 15 point increase to their Magic Point total. 30 - -
Cosmic Mastery Gain a permanent 15 point increase to their Magic Point total. Cosmic Affinity 60 - -
Cut the Silver Cord Pet only attack. 10% Accuracy to dismiss targeted pet 30 1 5
Touch of Corrupted Loyalty Pet only attack. 10% Accuracy to steal targeted pet. Cut the Silver Cord 60 1 10
Enhanced Senses The character automatically detects any characters hiding in the current location. 30 - -
Hex of Nullity This skill grants the Corruptor a +1 damage bonus on all Spell attacks with a chance to remove a Status Effect 30 - -
Hex of Agony Whenever the Corruptor hits with a Spell attack, there is a 20% chance that the spell will bypass the target's defenses. Hex of Nullity 60 - -
Hex of Sapping This skill grants the Corruptor a +2 damage bonus to Spell attacks plus chance to apply Drained to the target Hex of Nullity 60 - -
Leathern Wings Leathern Wings grants the character the ability to fly. 30 1 3
Razor Wings Gain an innate melee attack that deals 9 points of Slashing damage. Leathern Wings 60 1 -
    ↳Tainted Bond Gains an additional melee attack that deals 13 Unholy Damage. This can also be imbued with a spell gem for additional damage. Razor Wings 90 1 -
Manabiter Consume magical essence from an Item for Mana and additional effects. Free 1 -
Draining Field Chance to consume enchantment of a weapon when attacked and chance to inflict Drained status effect Manabiter 60 - -
Glyph Mastery Glyphs cast by the character have double duration. 30 - -