Conjure Sinews

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Conjure Sinews
Character Points: 10
Magic Points: 10
Buffing Spell
Known Variant Names
General Effect
  • +20 to inventory capacity
  • +2 damage to HTH and Melee attacks

Conjure Sinews is a Buffing Spell.

This spell grants the spellcaster the Conjured Sinews Status Effect for a duration of 30 Status Ticks. While under the effect of Conjured Sinews, the character gains +2 damage with Hand-to-Hand and Melee attacks. The spell can be stacked, increasing the duration of the effect. This effect is identical to the effects produced by a Potion of Strength; the damage bonuses from this spell and potion can be stacked for a total of +4 damage, but as they are separate status effects their durations do not stack.

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