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Tier: 3
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Sorcerer



In their studies, a Sorcerer may "crack" the inner working of the Nexus itself. If they chose to explore this curiosity rather than advance their arcane research, they may earn the right to be called a Conduit. Through a greater understanding of the ebb and flow of Nexal energies, a Conduit is able to ride the flow, and direct those following in their wake.

They can rend it apart, forging a way where there was none before. They can bring forth energies from other places, other realms, for others to use in their Arts. Or they can take them back like opening a drain, letting the essence of magic seep from the land.

As the keepers of the veils, they know innately the workings of the physical and its interplay with the mystic. They can work constructs of matter as easily as those of magic, wasting no reagents whether working with base metal or alchemical brew.

In anger, they unleash raw energies on their enemies, hurting and blinding, sapping their strength, making them weak. Their victims, if left alive, are slow and vulnerable to further aggression.

If threatened, they can even shed the base physicality of their flesh to an extent. They can even shunt aside the terrible divine and infernal energies flung so casually by the pawns of the opposing Powers, as the true power of the Transcendent itself may not harm them.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Arcane Trail Factionmates in the area of Conduit gain Arcane Trail Status Effect if Conduit hits a target with a ranged attack or spell. - 30 - -
Channelling Trail Non-factionmates in the area of Conduit gain Channelled Trail Status Effect if Conduit hits a target with a ranged attack or spell. Arcane Trail 60 - -
    ↳Focused Trail The Arcane Trail status effect now grants +1 Soak and +2 damage. Channelling Trail imposes -1 soak and -2 damage Arcane Trail 90 - -
Arcane Well Conduit can open an Arcane Well. All characters on same tile gain +1MP each tick - 30 -10 -20
Arcane Channel Character can grant 5 AP to another character Arcane Well 60 -7 -5
Arcane Recycling Arcane Wells and Arcane Sinks now last for 4 hours and cost less Arcane Well 60 -8 -15
Arcane Sink Conduit can open an Arcane Sink. All characters on same tile lose 1MP each tick Arcane Well 60 -10 -20
Brightbow Character gains an innate archery attack, dealing 9 arcane damage - 30 -1 -1
Code of Efficiency Character has 20% chance to not use an item when crafting - - - -
Rule of Design Cost to craft or repair is reduced by 2AP Code of Efficiency 60 - -
Rule of Resourcefulness Cost to craft or repair is reduced by 1AP. Forge, Gunbench, or Portable Toolkits are no longer needed to repair or craft items. Character can repair items that they are wearing. Code of Efficiency 60 - -
Cosmic Affinity Passive. Character gains +15 Magic Points - 30 - -
Enchant Item  (This skill is currently bugged) Passive. Character gains ability to enchant items for 10 AP and a varying amount of MP. - 30 -10 Varies
Seal Magic Character's MP cost of enchanting items reduced by 20% and duration increased by 50% Enchant Item 60 - -
Energy Flare Character gains an innate Thrown Weapons skill, dealing 9 Arcane damage with +10% attack bonus. Inflicts the Stunned status effect that causes -10% attack and -2 damage. - 30 -1 -1
Bursting Flare Character gains an innate Area of Effect attack dealing 8 arcane damage per target up to 150 maximum Energy Flare 60 -5 -10
Nexal Sapping Energy Flare now drains 4 Magic Points and gives it to the Conduit Energy Flare 60 - -
Nexal Return Thrown Weapons are automatically returned to the character's inventory - 30 - -
Target Seeker Character gains a charged attack dealing the Targeted Status Effect. - 30 -1 -6
Reveal Weakness Targeted raises the Damage Floor to 4. Target Seeker 60 - -
Wisp Form Character can activate Wisp Form. - 30 -1 -5
Arcanic Wrap Character gains immunity to Arcane damage Wisp Form 60 - -
Eldritch Bond Character gains the Eldritch Bond Status Effect Wisp Form 60 -1 -5
Portal Cleaving Character can set a Nexal Mark to teleport to it in the future. Wisp Form 60 -1 -10
    ↳Open Wormhole  (This skill is currently bugged) Character can open a multi-use portal to the Nexal Mark. Wisp Form 90 -10 -20
Glyph Mastery Glyphs cast by the character have double duration. - 30 - -