Cloak of the Whispering Wind

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Cloak of the Whispering Wind
Class CP Requires
Holy Champion 90 Cloak of Tornado
  • Maintenance cost for Cloak of Air and all its child cloaks is reduced to 2 MP per 15 minutes.
  • MP cost per attack is removed from Cloak of Air and all its child cloaks.
  • Character gains a permanent +10% defense bonus.
  • "Divine Resolve" buff granted to others now also grants a 10% defense bonus.
Cloak of Air (Upgrade)
AP MP HP Duration
1 4 - 15 Minutes
  • Character is charged 2 MP every 15 minutes.
  • Attack actions cost no extra MP.
  • If the character cannot pay the MP cost, the effect ends.
  • Character gains a +6 damage bonus and +15% attack bonus with archery attacks.
  • Attacks that would normally hit the character fail 40% of the time. This does not stack with flat miss chances granted by other skills such as Defensive Stance; instead, the most recently activated effect is the one used when calculating miss chance.
  • Character may "seep" through closed doors.
  • Character gains "Lesser Flight" (may move over Water, Void, etc.).
  • Character may "Gust" tile-to-tile at a cost of 1 MP and 0 AP. The option to "Move" normally for 1 AP remains.
  • If a bow or sling runs out of ammo it is automatically reloaded at no AP cost, as long as there's spare ammo in the inventory.
  • Character is able to access their inventory.

This skill buffs the Cloak of Air in the following ways:

  • MP Cost per attack is removed and MP maintenance cost per 15 minutes is reduced from 3 to 2 MP for Cloak of Air, Cloak of Mist and Cloak of Lightning.
  • Character gains an additional +1 damage (+6 total) and +5% attack bonus (+15% total) with Archery attacks while Cloak of Air is active.
  • Attacks that would normally hit the character fail 40% of the time. This does not stack with any other miss chance granted by other skills.
  • Character gains a passive +10% defense bonus at all times (even when Cloak of Air status is not active).
  • Divine Resolve Status Effect granted to others by this character also grant a +10% defense bonus.

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