Cloak of the Foundation

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Cloak of the Foundation
Class CP Requires
Holy Champion 90 Cloak of Steel
  • Maintenance cost for Cloak of Earth and all its child cloaks is reduced to 2 MP per 15 minutes.
  • MP cost per attack is removed from Cloak of Earth and all its child cloaks.
  • Character gains a permanent 25% mundane damage resistance
  • "Divine Resolve" granted to others now also grants +2 soak to all damage.
Armor Effect
Slashing 25% Piercing 25% Impact 25%
Fire - Cold - Electric -
Acid - Death -
Holy - Unholy - Arcane -
Cloak of Earth (Upgrade)
AP MP HP Duration
1 3 - 15 Minutes
  • Character is charged 2 MP every 15 minutes.
  • Attack actions cost no extra MP.
  • If the character cannot pay the MP cost, the effect ends.
  • +5 soak to all.
  • Character is able to pick up and use Heavy Items with a 20% accuracy bonus.
  • +9 damage to hand-to-hand attacks.
  • -5% defense penalty.
  • Movement costs are doubled.
  • Character cannot fly or swim.
  • Character may freely change the H2H damage type between Impact, Piercing, and Slashing.
  • Character is able to access his inventory.
Armor Effect
Slashing +5 (25%) Piercing +5 (25%) Impact +5 (25%)
Fire +5 Cold +5 Electric +5
Acid +5 Death +5
Holy +5 Unholy +5 Arcane +5
  • Stacks with other sources of Soak.

This skill buffs Cloak of Earth in the following ways:

  • MP Cost per attack is removed and MP maintenance cost per 15 minutes is reduced from 3 to 2 MP for Cloak of Earth, Cloak of Magma, Cloak of Quicksand.
  • Cloak of Earth activation cost is reduced to 1 AP and 3 MP.
  • Character gains +2 damage with Hand-to-Hand attacks (total +9).
  • Character gains an additional +1 Soak vs. all damage types (total +5).
  • Defense penalty is -5% defense penalty (replaces Cloak of Steel's -10%).
  • Additional +5% accuracy bonus with Heavy Items (total +20%).
  • Character gains a passive 25% damage Resistance versus impact, slashing, and piercing damage at all times (i.e., even while Cloak of Earth is NOT active).
  • Divine Resolve Status Effect granted to others by this character also grants +2 soak to all damage types.
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