Cloak of Holy Radiance

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Cloak of Holy Radiance
Class CP Requires
Holy Champion 60 Cloak of Divine Resolve
Cloak of Holy Radiance
AP MP HP Duration
1 4 - 15 Minutes
  • Character is charged 3 MP every 15 minutes.
  • Attack actions cost 1 MP.
  • If the character cannot pay the MP cost, the effect ends.
  • +3 damage to all attacks.
  • Unholy immunity.
  • Attacks deal Holy damage.
  • Character may attack with an empty bow or sling, doing Holy damage, for 1 extra MP.
Holy Aura
AP MP HP Other
- - - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Aura -
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Holy lvl/5 -
  • Close combat attacks use the aura as supplemental damage (at half strength).
Armor Effect
Slashing - Piercing - Impact -
Fire - Cold - Electric -
Acid - Death -
Holy - Unholy Arcane -

The Holy Champion bathes in the light of his gods, drawing directly from their holy beings, thereby wrapping themselves in a Cloak of Holy Radiance. This ability costs 1 Action Point and 4 Magic Points to activate.

While the Cloak is active:

  • Character is charged 3 MP every 15 minutes to maintain (i.e. 're-cast') the cloak.
  • Attack actions while using cloak cost 1 MP.
  • If the character incurs an MP cost for attacking or for cloak maintenance and cannot pay it, the effect ends.
  • Grants +3 damage to all attacks while active.
  • Character gains Immunity to Unholy damage.
  • Character gains a damage aura that deals (Level/5) points of Holy damage.
  • All attacks the character makes deal Holy damage.
  • Close-combat attacks deal supplemental damage equal to half the character's damage aura.
  • If the character has a bow or sling in their inventory that has no ammunition, the character may pay an additional 1 MP to attack as though it had ammunition. The damage amount is unchanged, but the type is changed to Holy.
Holy Champion Skills

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