Cloak of Divine Resolve

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Cloak of Divine Resolve
Class CP Requires
Holy Champion Free None
Cloak of Divine Resolve
AP MP HP Duration
3 4 - 15 Status Ticks
  • Removes any "per attack" MP cost from other cloaks.
  • May be active independent of other cloaks.
  • Grants "Divine Resolve" status effect to all nearby Good-aligned characters for 15 status ticks, overwriting previous instances. This grants a +5% attack bonus.

This skill allows the Character to pull the very concept of divinity around themselves, forming a Cloak of Divine Resolve.
This ability costs 3 Action Point and 4 Magic Points to activate, lasting for 15 Status Ticks.

While the Cloak is active:

  • Grants Divine Resolve Status Effect to all Good-aligned characters in the tile for 15 status ticks, overwrites existing instances of the effect on these characters. This grants them a +5% attack bonus, as well as additional effects depending on the skills of the Holy Champion (see the Divine Resolve page for more details).
  • Cloak of Divine Resolve removes the "per attack" MP cost from the Holy Champion's other cloaks (if applicable).
  • Cloak of Divine Resolve may be activated while the character is under the influence of another cloak. Does not prevent the character from activating another cloak.
  • The character can voluntarily shed this cloak at any time.
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